Gerrys Wake

a film by Mike Sakamoto

Gerrys Wake followavant-garde filmmaker and interviewer, Gerry Fialka, as he works with a team of archivists to dig up, hunt down, and sort through his scattered life’s work. Set in the vibrant arts community of Venice, California, the film features a host of Gerry’s friends who likewise find themselves wrestling with the problem of aging, accumulation, and what to do about their artistic “remains.” Gerrys Wake is an exploration of the role archiving plays in the lives of artists, as well as a joyful celebration of the humorist and conceptual prankster at its center!  (Shooting in Progress)

Gerry Fialka

“Gerry Fialka is an American experimental filmmaker, curator, lecturer, interviewer, and writer.  He lectures and leads workshops on experimental film, avant-garde music and art, subversive social media, and books by James Joyce and Marshall McLuhan.  LA Weekly has described Fialka as a ‘cultural revolutionary'”(Wikipedia).


Mike Sakamoto

Director/videographer/editor Mike Sakamoto’s short films (Secret Asian Man, Birdman, Rollingman) have screened at various venues, including the Sundance Film Festival and the Directors Guild of America; and have been praised by Bill Krohn (Senses of Cinema) and Diane Sippl (Cineaction).  In addition, he has written and directed two feature films: Norman Jones and To a Dead Friend.

Contact: [email protected]